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The Kansas Collaborative is transforming the way government gets things done in Kansas – from administrative functions to service delivery – by formalizing collaboration between local and state government. The Kansas Collaborative launches cross-government Breakthrough Teams that solve problems, save money and network leaders.

The Kansas Collaborative is a joint effort between the State of Kansas, the Kansas Association of Counties and the League of Kansas Municipalities. The Collaborative was founded by and is managed by TeamTech, Inc., a Kansas-based consulting firm.
Creative problem-solving across jurisdictions.

We believe that state, county and city officials are capable of working together – as equals. We believe they can share data, resources and ideas – and create solutions to shared problems. We believe that policy can be strongly informed by this networking of leaders at the ground level. By working together, local and state officials improve accountability and maximize public resources – leading to better results for Kansas.
The Kansas Collaborative has saved state and local governments of Kansas  since July 2005.